Welcome to “The Haute Feather”.

My name is Jenna.  Thank you

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listed here is handmade using premium selected feathers, silks, beading, and vintage jewelry.  

Most are made to order,

so customizing your order is

welcomed, just ask...

It’s time to explore the world of the “Fascinator“…

What is a fascinator? It's a handmade, personalized piece of art that is meant to glorify and adorn the woman wearing it, to remind us that we are all beautiful and stunning! These feathers will announce it from the soles of our feet to the tops of our heads.

Fascinators are inspired by fashion and hats from the elegant era of the 1940’s and are made with one-of-a-kind feathers, flowers, beads, and elements found in nature. These pieces are meant for the lady who takes on life with graceful beauty and a daring sense of adventure, not for the faint of heart.